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Epic Games Enters NFT Gaming: 20 New Titles Added to Epic Games Store

Epic Games is expanding its presence in the gaming world by introducing 20 new NFT-based titles to the Epic Games Store. This move follows the success of their initial NFT integrated game, Blankos Block Party. The upcoming games, such as Project Red and Defimons, offer players unique experiences with free-to-play mechanics, high-quality graphics, and strategic gameplay elements. Integrating NFTs in gaming enables new economic models and ownership opportunities, allowing players to own, trade, and sell digital assets. The use of blockchain technology ensures security and transparency within the games. Epic Games' expansion into the NFT space showcases the potential for a more immersive and rewarding future of gaming.

Read more: https://nftplazas.com/epic-games-nft/




BBC Studios Enters The Sandbox Metaverse with Top Gear and Doctor Who

The Sandbox

BBC Studios has partnered with Reality+ to create a metaverse experience in The Sandbox, allowing fans to interact with immersive content from brands like Top Gear and Doctor Who. This marks the BBC's entry into the metaverse and highlights its ambition to expand brands into new categories. The Sandbox provides a platform for users to build, own, and monetize virtual experiences on the blockchain. The collaboration aims to push the boundaries of the metaverse and create new experiences for fans. The launch of BBC Studios' metaverse space in The Sandbox is expected later this year, following the successful collaboration on the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart digital trading card game.

Read more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/bbcstudios/2023/bbc-studios-and-reality-plus-take-top-gear-and-doctor-who-to-the-sandbox-metaverse/




Binance NFT Loans: Unlocking Liquidity for Users

Binance NFT has launched a new feature called NFT Loan, which allows users to obtain cryptocurrency loans by using their NFTs as collateral. This feature aims to provide liquidity without the need to sell valuable digital assets. Users can borrow Ethereum (ETH) against their NFTs, with competitive interest rates and no gas fees. Currently, loans can be secured against popular NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and Doodles, with more collections expected to be added in the future.

Binance NFT aims to become a comprehensive platform for NFT trading and financial services, offering low fees, security, and now NFT-backed loans. The loan amount is determined based on the floor price of the NFT collection, using Binance's Oracle Pricing that combines data from various sources. This feature provides a convenient solution for NFT holders who require quick access to funds while keeping their valuable NFTs.

Read more: https://nftnewstoday.com/2023/05/26/binance-nft-loans-unlocking-liquidity-with-nfts/




Brave Enhances Video Calls with NFTs, Expanding Web3 Engagement

Brave, the privacy-focused web browser, has announced the addition of token-gated video calls to its platform. This feature allows hosts to control access to video calls using NFTs and POAPS, offering engagement opportunities for NFT projects to communicate with their token holders. The tool is available to Brave Talk users with a premium subscription and can be used on any browser with a Web3 wallet. Currently, the token-gated video calls are compatible only with Ethereum-based NFTs, but Brave plans to expand compatibility to other blockchain networks in the future.

Brave aims to provide additional functionalities such as avatar configuration and moderator permissions using NFTs, creating a comprehensive Web3 live event platform. The announcement comes as Brave surpasses 50 million monthly active users and continues to make advancements in the blockchain space. By integrating NFTs into its video calls, Brave demonstrates its commitment to embracing new technologies and providing innovative solutions to its users.

Read more: https://nftnewstoday.com/2023/05/25/braves-new-video-calls-feature-lets-you-use-nfts-to-control-access/




Mocaverse and CyberConnect Join Forces to Revolutionize Web3 Membership Experience


Prominent membership NFT collection, Mocaverse, has announced a strategic partnership with CyberConnect, a decentralized social network. The collaboration aims to enhance the Mocaverse Web3 Membership Program by leveraging CyberConnect's scalable cross-chain infrastructure and social network protocol.

Mocaverse, created by Animoca Brands, is a vibrant PFP membership NFT collection that provides a platform for creators and enthusiasts in the Web3 world. CyberConnect is the largest decentralized social network in the Web3 space, offering users control over their digital identity, content, connections, and earning potential.

The partnership will enable Mocaverse NFT holders to tokenize their content using CyberConnect's protocol, gain access to the Link3 platform for content ownership and engagement, and earn Moca XP rewards for their interactions within the community. The collaboration aims to redefine social networking and community-building in the Web3 era, empowering individuals and fostering a decentralized and social digital world.

Read more: https://nftevening.com/mocaverse-and-cyberconnect-unleash-the-power-of-web3-in-membership-nft-collection/





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Arcade Land

Arcade Land

➤ The first metaverse designed for the entire NFT community. Get your own Web3 branded games, shops, and lands in Arcade. Build, play, create & trade.

➤ Est. 2022

➤ Blockchain: Ethereum

➤ Royalty: 7.5%

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $82.63K

➤ Market Cap: $26.75M

➤ Token: TBA

➤ Floor price: 0.089 eth

➤ Holders: 5109

➤ Blue Chip Holders:932(18.24%)

➤ Whales:11(0.22%)

Last updated: Nov. 23th

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $235.18K

➤ Market Cap: $28.36M

➤ Token: TBA

➤ Floor price: 0.165 eth

➤ Holders: 4410

➤ Blue Chip Holders:976(18.83%)

➤ Whales:67(1.29%)

Last updated: August 25th

➤ https://arcade.inc/

➤ https://twitter.com/arcadedotinc

➤ https://opensea.io/collection/arcade-land




Worldwide Webb Land

Worldwide Webb Land

➤ An interoperable pixel metaverse MMORPG game, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Own land, and use your favorite NFTs for avatars and pets.

➤ Est. 2021

➤ Blockchain: Ethereum

➤ Token: TBA?

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $155.04K

➤ Market Cap: $32.6M

➤ Floor price: 0.2959 eth

➤ Holders: 4329

➤ Blue Chip Holders:954(22.04%)

➤ Whales:14(0.32%)

Last updated: Nov. 23th

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $609.9K

➤ Market Cap: $35.77M

➤ Floor price: 0.45 eth

➤ Holders: 4475

➤ Whales:70(8.95%)

Last updated: August 25th

➤ https://webb.game/

➤ https://twitter.com/Worldwide_WEB3

➤ https://opensea.io/collection/worldwidewebbland




Otherdeed for Otherside


➤ Otherdeed is the key to claiming land in Otherside. Each have a unique blend of environment and sediment — some with resources, some home to powerful artifacts. And on a very few, a Koda roams.

➤ Est. 2022

➤ Blockchain: Ethereum

➤ Royalty: 7.5%

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $715.36M

➤ Market Cap: $23.23M

➤ Token: TBA

➤ Floor price: 1.208 ETH

➤ Holders: 33974

➤ Blue Chip Holders:15492 (45.6%)

➤ Whales:104 (0.31%)

Last updated: Nov. 23th

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $22.53M

➤ Market Cap: $834.21M

➤ Token:?

➤ Floor price: 1.6 eth

➤ Holders: 34410

➤ Blue Chip Holders:16,015(46.54%)

➤ Whales:615(1.79%)

Last updated: August 25th

➤ Note:

Total mint value of over $300 million

more than the value at launch of decentraland and the sandbox

➤ https://otherside.xyz/

➤ https://twitter.com/othersidemeta

➤ https://opensea.io/collection/otherdeed

Last updated: August 25th




Somnium Space VR

Somnium Space VR

➤ An immersive, blockchain-based VR world offering communication, e-commerce, and entertainment. Users can purchase digital land, build homes, participate in hyperrealistic experiences, and more.

➤ Est. 2017 - 2018

➤ Blockchain: Ethereum, Solana

➤ Token: CUBE

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $99.42K

➤ Market Cap: $18.98M

➤ Floor price: 0.45 ETH

➤ Holders: 989

➤ Blue Chip Holders:184 (18.6%)

➤ Whales:12 (1.21%)

Last updated: Nov. 23th

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $138.16K

➤ Market Cap: $19.68M

➤ Floor price: 0.4 eth

➤ Holders: 953

➤ Whales:30 (2.5%)

Last updated: August 25th

➤ https://somniumspace.com/

➤ https://twitter.com/somniumspace

➤ https://opensea.io/collection/somnium-space




Netvrk Land


➤ A metaverse equipped with powerful creation tools and infrastructure for users to create, share, experience, and monetize creation easily. Explore games, education content, and virtual workspaces.

➤ Est. 2021?

➤ Blockchain: Ethereum

➤ Token: NTVRK

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $10.69K

➤ Market Cap: $79.57K

➤ Floor price: 0.184 eth

➤ Holders: 2756

➤ Blue Chip Holders:129 (4.68%)

➤ Whales:4 (0.15%)

Last updated: Nov. 23th

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $111.8K

➤ Market Cap: $12.3M

➤ Holders: 2924

➤ Blue Chip Holders:129 (4.68%)

➤ Whales:12(37.31%)

➤ Floor price: 0.25 eth

Last updated: August 25th

➤ https://www.netvrk.co/

➤ https://twitter.com/NetVRk1

➤ https://opensea.io/collection/netvrkland




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