This Week on Crypto Twitter: Brian Armstrong and Jack Dorsey Blast Apple’s App Store Crypto Clampdown

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- Crypto trading recognized as regulated activity by British King Charles

- European parliamentarians announce cryptocurrency regulatory reforms

- Apple removes decentralized social networking app Damus from App Store

- Damus updated app to comply with Apple's requirements but still removed

- Block CEO Jack Dorsey criticizes Apple for limiting financial freedom

- Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong supports Dorsey's argument

- Chart shows explosive growth of Ethereum staking

- Prime Trust LLC faces allegations from Nevada's Financial Institutions Division

- Solana co-founder excited about Futurama's crypto and COVID references

- Brian Armstrong accuses U.S. of squandering lead in crypto adoption and regulation

- Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr positions himself as crypto-friendly

- MicroStrategy's chairman continues to buy more Bitcoin

- ARK Invest's amended proposal for Bitcoin spot ETF gives them a head start over BlackRock

- Bitcoin's correlation with tech equities at a three-year low

- Coffeezilla exposes content by influencer Logan Paul, who doesn't respond

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