KilroyPunk NFT Drop Mashes Up Iconic Meme With a CryptoPunk

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Holograph, a multichain NFT protocol, has released its latest collaboration, "KilroyPunk," which combines a recognizable NFT with an iconic meme. The collectible costs $15 and is available for 48 hours as part of an open-edition mint. The collaboration is Holograph's third offering through its consumer-facing application as it tries to find a foothold in the NFT space. The protocol currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, and Optimism, and users can mint NFTs on their chain of choice or swap them between several networks. The collection embodies "such an OG history in the NFT space, both conceptually and stylistically," according to Eric Elms, the California-based artist who worked on the Kilroy element of the collaboration.

Source: Decrypt

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