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Flybondi becomes the first airline to offer NFT tickets

Flybondi, an Argentine low-cost airline, has become the first airline to issue every ticket as a non-fungible token (NFT), in partnership with TravelX, a blockchain-based travel platform. The NFTs are generated upon booking and are stored in the traveler's Flybondi account, providing a personalized and secure way to travel.

The partnership also provides a secondary market where travelers can sell their NFT tickets, with both FlyBondi and TravelX receiving a 2% fee from the transaction. This move may lead to a new era of digital ticketing and blockchain-powered travel experiences, attracting tech-savvy, environmentally conscious, and security-minded customers. It remains to be seen whether other airlines will adopt NFT ticketing.

Read more: https://nftevening.com/flybondi-becomes-the-first-airline-to-offer-nft-tickets/




Indonesian government looks to NFTs to preserve cultural heritage

Indonesia's Deputy of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has partnered with Quantum Temple to preserve the country's cultural heritage with the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Quantum Temple has created a multichain NFT marketplace, working closely with Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to tokenize cultural heritage as unique digital assets.

By tokenizing cultural heritage, three critical areas of value are created: immutable archives of culture, transparent alternative income streams through royalties, verified provenance, and recognition for cultural creators. Quantum Temple has launched its "Paths to Alangö" NFT collection, which includes 11 unique NFTs that represent different aspects of Balinese cultural heritage. However, regulatory and technical challenges may hamper adoption of tokenized digital assets as a solution for preserving important information in Indonesia.

Read more: https://cointelegraph.com/news/indonesian-government-looks-to-nfts-to-preserve-cultural-heritage




Candy Digital Pushes Forward With New MLB NFTs After Fanatics Divestment

Major League Baseball is partnering with Candy Digital, an NFT startup, for the release of new digital collectibles for the 2023 season. Candy Digital faced several challenges in 2022 but remains an official MLB partner. In addition to its partnership with MLB, Candy has forged partnerships with other sports organizations, including NASCAR teams, WWE, and Getty Images. The Candy firm ran into issues and laid off over one-third of its employees in November 2021, but Candy Digital CEO Scott Lawin confirmed that Fanatics remains a company investor. Candy's new MLB Showstopper ICON series has sold out in about three minutes, and Candy's commemorative game tickets will continue to be available this season. Lawin expects that NFT collectible tickets could eventually offer access to events, as well as a dynamic digital asset for teams to use. Candy's MLB collectibles are minted on Palm, an Ethereum sidechain built for NFTs. Candy Digital is an official NFT partner of MLB and works with other NFT startups, including Dapper Labs and Sorare. While they are competitors with a shared MLB license, Candy and Sorare may cooperate in the future for the benefit of collectors and fans.

Source: Decrypt

Original Link: https://decrypt.co/124908/candy-digital-pushes-forward-new-mlb-nfts-after-fanatics-divestment

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Pranksy & Sorare partner for “Pranksy Plays”

Pranksy, a well-known personality in the NFT space, has partnered with Sorare, the leading Web3 sports card game, to create "Pranksy Plays". The collector has invested in Sorare football cards and will invite his community to join private leagues, with prizes for the winners including NFTs from the Pranksy vault and VIP Premier League tickets. One league will allow only free-to-play cards, while the other will require Super Rare or Unique cards.

Pranksy and his team invested in Sorare cards focusing on Super Rare players under the age of 23. Sorare is the most popular fantasy sports game on the blockchain, with around 200,000 daily active players worldwide. It brings the concept of Fantasy Leagues to the blockchain, allowing participants to earn points based on the real performances of players. This partnership could help Sorare attract NFT collectors from Pranksy's community, while Pranksy could reach sports fans not familiar with NFTs.

Read more: https://nftevening.com/pranksy-sorare-partner-for-pranksy-plays/




Tommy Hilfiger to launch first-of-its-kind multi-metaverse hub

Tommy Hilfiger is launching a multi-metaverse hub that will premiere during Metaverse Fashion Week. The hub will bring together key metaverse destinations, including Decentraland, Roblox, Spatial, DressX, and Ready Player Me, and will allow the brand to see how users respond when they can access the same brand across different platforms.

The hub will be structured to look like the brand’s TH monogram, designed by virtual retail tech developer Emperia, and includes in-hub offerings like POAPs and other NFTs to collect, DressX-powered digital fashion, artwork from Web3 artist Vinnie Hager, AR virtual try-on offerings, a photobooth, and an AI fashion creation competition.

By making it accessible via Decentraland, the hub offers a less-daunting entrypoint into metaverse spaces. The hub also incorporates e-commerce capabilities, creating a direct link between the marketing element of metaverse projects and actual, physical (and digital) sales.

Read more: https://www.voguebusiness.com/technology/tommy-hilfiger-to-launch-first-of-its-kind-multi-metaverse-hub





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Arcade Land [Last updated: Nov. 23th]

Arcade Land

➤ The first metaverse designed for the entire NFT community. Get your own Web3 branded games, shops, and lands in Arcade. Build, play, create & trade.

➤ Est. 2022

➤ Blockchain: Ethereum

➤ Royalty: 7.5%

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $82.63K

➤ Market Cap: $26.75M

➤ Token: TBA

➤ Floor price: 0.089 eth

➤ Holders: 5109

➤ Blue Chip Holders:932(18.24%)

➤ Whales:11(0.22%)

Last updated: Nov. 23th

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $235.18K

➤ Market Cap: $28.36M

➤ Token: TBA

➤ Floor price: 0.165 eth

➤ Holders: 4410

➤ Blue Chip Holders:976(18.83%)

➤ Whales:67(1.29%)

Last updated: August 25th

➤ https://arcade.inc/

➤ https://twitter.com/arcadedotinc

➤ https://opensea.io/collection/arcade-land




The Sandbox [Last updated: Nov. 23th]

The Sandbox

➤ Decentralized, community-driven virtual metaverse where players can build, own and monetize their gaming experiences.

➤ Est. 2021 (Alpha launched)

➤ Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon

➤ Token: SAND

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $1.27M

➤ Market Cap: $466.6M

➤ Floor price: 1.05 eth

➤ Holders: 17000

➤ Blue Chip Holders:2133(12.55%)

➤ Whales:28(0.16%)

Last updated: Nov. 23th

➤ Floor price: 1.46 eth

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $1.63M

➤ Market Cap: $702.55M

Last updated: August 25th

➤ https://www.sandbox.game/en/

➤ https://twitter.com/thesandboxgame

➤ https://opensea.io/collection/sandbox




Worldwide Webb Land [Last updated: Nov. 23th]

Worldwide Webb Land

➤ An interoperable pixel metaverse MMORPG game, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Own land, and use your favorite NFTs for avatars and pets.

➤ Est. 2021

➤ Blockchain: Ethereum

➤ Token: TBA?

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $155.04K

➤ Market Cap: $32.6M

➤ Floor price: 0.2959 eth

➤ Holders: 4329

➤ Blue Chip Holders:954(22.04%)

➤ Whales:14(0.32%)

Last updated: Nov. 23th

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $609.9K

➤ Market Cap: $35.77M

➤ Floor price: 0.45 eth

➤ Holders: 4475

➤ Whales:70(8.95%)

Last updated: August 25th

➤ https://webb.game/

➤ https://twitter.com/Worldwide_WEB3

➤ https://opensea.io/collection/worldwidewebbland




Otherdeed for Otherside [Last updated: Nov. 23th]


➤ Otherdeed is the key to claiming land in Otherside. Each have a unique blend of environment and sediment — some with resources, some home to powerful artifacts. And on a very few, a Koda roams.

➤ Est. 2022

➤ Blockchain: Ethereum

➤ Royalty: 7.5%

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $715.36M

➤ Market Cap: $23.23M

➤ Token: TBA

➤ Floor price: 1.208 ETH

➤ Holders: 33974

➤ Blue Chip Holders:15492 (45.6%)

➤ Whales:104 (0.31%)

Last updated: Nov. 23th

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $22.53M

➤ Market Cap: $834.21M

➤ Token:?

➤ Floor price: 1.6 eth

➤ Holders: 34410

➤ Blue Chip Holders:16,015(46.54%)

➤ Whales:615(1.79%)

Last updated: August 25th

➤ Note:

Total mint value of over $300 million

more than the value at launch of decentraland and the sandbox

➤ https://otherside.xyz/

➤ https://twitter.com/othersidemeta

➤ https://opensea.io/collection/otherdeed

Last updated: August 25th




Somnium Space VR [Last updated: Nov. 23th]

Somnium Space VR

➤ An immersive, blockchain-based VR world offering communication, e-commerce, and entertainment. Users can purchase digital land, build homes, participate in hyperrealistic experiences, and more.

➤ Est. 2017 - 2018

➤ Blockchain: Ethereum, Solana

➤ Token: CUBE

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $99.42K

➤ Market Cap: $18.98M

➤ Floor price: 0.45 ETH

➤ Holders: 989

➤ Blue Chip Holders:184 (18.6%)

➤ Whales:12 (1.21%)

Last updated: Nov. 23th

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $138.16K

➤ Market Cap: $19.68M

➤ Floor price: 0.4 eth

➤ Holders: 953

➤ Whales:30 (2.5%)

Last updated: August 25th

➤ https://somniumspace.com/

➤ https://twitter.com/somniumspace

➤ https://opensea.io/collection/somnium-space




Netvrk Land [Last updated: Nov. 23th]


➤ A metaverse equipped with powerful creation tools and infrastructure for users to create, share, experience, and monetize creation easily. Explore games, education content, and virtual workspaces.

➤ Est. 2021?

➤ Blockchain: Ethereum

➤ Token: NTVRK

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $10.69K

➤ Market Cap: $79.57K

➤ Floor price: 0.184 eth

➤ Holders: 2756

➤ Blue Chip Holders:129 (4.68%)

➤ Whales:4 (0.15%)

Last updated: Nov. 23th

➤ Trade Volume(in last 30 days): $111.8K

➤ Market Cap: $12.3M

➤ Holders: 2924

➤ Blue Chip Holders:129 (4.68%)

➤ Whales:12(37.31%)

➤ Floor price: 0.25 eth

Last updated: August 25th

➤ https://www.netvrk.co/

➤ https://twitter.com/NetVRk1

➤ https://opensea.io/collection/netvrkland




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