DeHeroGame X MetaCene Giveaway




Hello DHG gamers! Gear up for some thrilling activities as we prepare for the MetaCene Alpha Test 2.0!

Get your chance at the whitelist for early access, where you'll explore the world of MetaCene other than the Magic World ahead of the crowd!

Join the community for event details >>

Event 1 >> DH Exchange / Lottery (50 available / FCFS) Will be released in 24 hrs!

Rules: Enter the /shop command in the ⁠#👾┃bot-daily-checkin or ⁠#👾┃bot-here-2 to access the DH Shop.

You have two methods to exchange MetaCene Alpha Test 2.0 whitelist:

1: Exchange with 10,000 DH

2: Use 1,000 DH for a lottery ticket (20% winning rate, one attempt/day). Don't forget to click the button and submit your email and wallet address !!!!

Event 2 >> Exclusive Raffle for DHG gamers (50 available) Rules: There will be 2 raffle draws for the Alpha Test 2.0 whitelist in the ⁠#🚀┃daily-draw!!!

It's your chance to explore the MetaCene world ahead of the crowd. Gear up, and let the adventures begin!